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by Kara on April 1, 2010

Korean Children key ring from JooSweetie

If you read my blog, you know I love to shop on Etsy. I do most of my gift buying there, and sometimes I can’t resist getting a little something for myself. I am always looking for treasures with a Korean theme, and I’ve found a few that are especially cool so I’m sharing them here.

One of the first Korean themed items I found on Etsy was this key ring from JooSweetie featuring a little girl in a hanbok with a Korean flag tag. On the reverse, there’s a little boy in hanbok. The design is adorable and very rugged – I’ve had mine for nearly two years and it still looks great, even with daily use. She also has some really cute magnets with the children on them.

Yi Sun-Sin pendant cut by Petsalad

I love these coins with designs hand cut by Petsalad. This one features a portrait of Korean naval hero Yi Sun-Sin cut from a Korean won coin. Yi is a fascinating historical figure, and I couldn’t resist getting one of these a couple years ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t have it yet when I went to Korea – it would have been great to wear to the National Museum. The detail is wonderful and you’re sure to get lots of comments if you sport one of these. The text on the pictured pendant says Bank of Korea, if you’re curious. He has a ton of different designs as well.

Hangeul thank you cards by Puddle Jumpin' Cards

One of the nice things about shopping on Etsy is that many artists are willing to work with you to get exactly what you want. In fact, they even have a special section where you can post a request for something you want made and Etsy shops can bid to make your item. I haven’t tried that service, but I have asked a couple shops to alter a product for me. I found these great thank you cards written in Hangeul (Korean alphabet) from Puddle Jumpin’ Cards, but I wanted the spelling changed slightly, so I asked her about it. Since the cards were thermographed she couldn’t make another plate, so she offered to print a batch for me on her regular printer. Because she was so gracious and open about it, she made a sale that she wouldn’t have otherwise made. The cards are great! I don’t currently see them on her shop, but I bet she’d list a set if you asked.

Korean holiday cards by Grace Hester Designs

Another accommodating Etsy-er is Grace Hester Designs. I have long loved her Korean typographic prints, but when she listed a print in red and green, it gave me an idea. I asked her if she had considered selling the designs on cards. She had already been thinking of it, so she printed up a set for me to use as Christmas cards in 2009. They looked great, and they are one of my favorite holiday cards I’ve ever sent (second only to the Chiqui’s New Year Resolutions card I made one year). Again, I don’t see this on her website at the moment, but she would probably be happy to print a set for you – she has a wide variety of colors available.

Korean Alphabet Quilt by EmiShimosato

I can’t quite bring myself to buy one of EmiShimosato’s Korean alphabet quilts because I don’t have children, but I LOVE them. Others must too, because she seems to have a lot of orders for them. It seems a little self indulgent to buy one for myself, but maybe someday I will talk myself into it. Actually, all of her work is delicious. For someone who cannot quilt, I seem to be a bit of a quilt nut, but I probably blew my lifetime quilt budget on having a silk quilt made for me to match my bedroom. If only Etsy had been around back when I was looking for a quilter – they are a bit easier to locate these days.

Pumpkin tea notebook from PretzelsNPumpkin

PretzelsNPumpkin recycles a variety of food packaging products into notebooks, wallets and jewelry, and so of course I get a kick out of her Korean stuff, often made from tea packages. Her notebooks are great conversation starters.

This is just a small sampling. If I am ever able to grab a treasury on Etsy, I’d love to do one with Korean goodies. It seems as if it is possible to find just about anything you can dream up on Etsy, so if Korean stuff isn’t your thing, a quick search will probably reveal whatever you seek.

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Grace Hester April 2, 2010 at 7:00 am

Thanks for including my cards! You are such a rockstar customer. :o)

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